Related Initiatives

In this section we will include information about European Project or other kind of initiatives that are related to the objetives of Biomasud Plus project.


BiogasAction – Promoting Sustainable Biogas Utilisation in the European Union

BiogasThe BiogasAction project (co-funded by Horizon 2020) aims to promote the production of sustainable biogas throughout the EU, especially by exchanging best practices, creating new business models and increasing investments in biogas production. This undertaking contributes to the EU 2020 targets by focusing on the removal of non-technical barriers to the widespread production of biogas from manure and other waste.


logo-uprunning2uP_running project aims to unlock the European strong potential of woody biomass residues produced by Agrarian Pruning and Plantation Removals (APPR) and to promote its sustainable use as energy feedstock. uP_running has been constructed with the ambition of being the prelude of a self-expansion of APPR wood utilization in Europe.

EuroPruning – Development and implementation of a new and non existent logistics chain for biomass from pruning (collaborative project co-financed by FP7)

europruning-logo-300x118EuroPruning project aims to be the take-off for an extensive utilisation of the agricultural prunings for energy in Europe. The project aims to the development of new improved logistics for pruning residues. This includes harvesting, transport and storage for agricultural prunings (fruit tree, vineyards and olive grove prunings and branches from up-rooted trees).



ImpressionSUCELLOG aims to widespread the participation of the agrarian sector in the sustainable supply of solid biofuels in Europe. SUCELLOG action focuses in an almost unexploited logistic concept: the implementation of agro-industry logistic centres in the agro-industry as a complement to their usual activity evidencing the large synergy existing between the agro- economy and the bio-economy.

Vineyards4Heat – Vineyards to reduce the CO2 footprint: a sustainable strategy to provide heat and cold to cellars with biomass generated in the territory (co-financed by LIFE +)

vinesyard-logoThe aim is to promote the use of leftover biomass from vine pruning of the Penedès to generate decentralized bioenergy, by reducing CO2 emissions, bringing down energy bills and creating work places. Thus, this project should contribute to laying the bases for managing and financing of biomass resource helping to meet the objectives of the strategy 20-20-20. It is, therefore, a local strategy to mitigate the effects of climate change while allowing businesses of wine and cava sector to be more competitive by helping to achieve a more competitive economic area: low in carbon emissions and high in added value to the territory of the DO Penedès.